It’s important to find something that helps you unwind after a long, full, and stressful week. I found that yoga does the trick for me. I take a restorative yoga class at the end of the week that helps me unwind and release the tension with in both mind and body. My instructor reads to … More Unwinding

True happiness

Surround yourself with motivated and successful people. It’s so important. Because we get influenced by those around us the most. And if the people around you are lazy, unmotivated, and don’t care about succeeding in life, than guess what? You’ll slowly become that too. So save yourself and surround yourself with the opposite and climb … More True happiness


I had such a beautiful encounter the other day at Best Buy; it was with a baby!! Yes a pure being who just started walking and couldn’t keep still, MashAllah! I was waiting on the customer service counter for my laptop, and I turned to my right only to see this adorable little girl with … More Blissfulness

God plans best,

God is great, he knows what’s best for us. And keeping a strong connection with Him is so important. He will save you from a lot of things, you might not understand it then and there and it might hurt a lot but…. it’s for sure best for you. So trust in Him and let … More God plans best,


How do people expect others to become better and learn more if they’re not giving them the opportunity to do so? It really bothers me when people sit here and look at beginners and say things like “you’re not that good” or “you’re not a professional” or other things that will put them down. Like … More Opportunity


As a woman, I feel as though we lack encouragement for one another in the female circle. We tend to put each other down rather than pull each other up; to the top. You don’t need to put another woman down to get yourself up. On the contrary helping another woman reach the top helps … More Ladies,

Holding on…

You know, in some instances holding on can be so much more harmful than letting go. Holding on isn’t always the healthiest option. I know you may love them, care about them, and probably think you can’t live without them…but you can. You just don’t want to. You’re scared. Scared of having to continue life … More Holding on…