A Blessing

Many of us have the opportunity to study, AlhamdurAllah. Many of us get help from the government just so we can study. Many of us have amazing parents who see us/want us to succeeding and going far in life. Many of us are blessed to be able to study but unfortunately there are also many of us who can’t afford to study. Many of us who’s parents forbid them from studying. Many of us who have been robbed from this blessing. So let’s all try and be grateful for this blessing we posses. Let’s try to put effort into our … Continue reading A Blessing

Are You So Easily Influenced By Those Around You?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you ever think to yourself, am I someone who can easily be swayed into changing my mind by those around me? By those who [most likely] don’t even really care about me? It’s important to evaluate yourself and take a look at how you live your life. To see, do you make your own decisions or do you let others make them for you? Are you choosing your own path or are you backpacking others paths?  Life’s too short to let those around you tell you [or manipulate you] to live life … Continue reading Are You So Easily Influenced By Those Around You?