A Blessing

Many of us have the opportunity to study, AlhamdurAllah. Many of us get help from the government just so we can study. Many of us have amazing parents who see us/want us to succeeding and going far in life. Many of us are blessed to be able to study but unfortunately there are also many … More A Blessing

International Women’s Day

To all the beautiful women out there that are [and have been] oppressed in every way possible, I know society makes your life a little harder everyday…but remember you are strong, you are kind, you are amazing, and you can do this! Happy international women’s day! 


On Wednesday Mohamedtaha Omar – 23,  Adam K. Mekki – 20 Muhannad A. Tairab – 17  were found shot dead with multiple gun wounds, execution style, in Indiana.  Ina li Allah wa Ina ilayhi rajoon.   This is heart breaking. May Allah grant them Jannah (heaven) and grant their families sabr (patience). Let us not … More #OurThreeBoys

Qadar (Fate)

Sometimes you have to remember that things come and go and that it’s all Qadar. What’s Qadar? Qadar means that God has decreed everything that happens in this universe according to the prior knowledge that He has and His wisdom. So if something is good for you God will allow you to have it and … More Qadar (Fate)