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March 2016

A Blessing

Many of us have the opportunity to study, AlhamdurAllah. Many of us get help from the government just so we can study. Many of us have amazing parents who see us/want us to succeeding and going far in life. Many of us are blessed to be able to study but unfortunately there are also many of us who can’t afford to study. Many of us who’s parents forbid them from studying. Many of us who have been robbed from this blessing.

So let’s all try and be grateful for this blessing we posses. Let’s try to put effort into our schooling and our futures. Let’s not waste away such a wonderful opportunity. 

Are You So Easily Influenced By Those Around You?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you ever think to yourself, am I someone who can easily be swayed into changing my mind by those around me? By those who [most likely] don’t even really care about me? It’s important to evaluate yourself and take a look at how you live your life. To see, do you make your own decisions or do you let others make them for you? Are you choosing your own path or are you backpacking others paths? 

Life’s too short to let those around you tell you [or manipulate you] to live life the way they want you to. Take control, be the captain of your ship and make your own path. 

I love this. Such a beautiful way of understanding, and beautifully written as well! Written by @daughterof3li on tumblr!

To all the beautiful women out there that are [and have been] oppressed in every way possible, I know society makes your life a little harder everyday…but remember you are strong, you are kind, you are amazing, and you can do this!

Happy international women’s day! 

On Wednesday

Mohamedtaha Omar – 23, 

Adam K. Mekki – 20

Muhannad A. Tairab – 17 

were found shot dead with multiple gun wounds, execution style, in Indiana. 

Ina li Allah wa Ina ilayhi rajoon.

This is heart breaking. May Allah grant them Jannah (heaven) and grant their families sabr (patience). Let us not forget them. Do not allow their deaths to be forgotten. Pray for them. 

If you can’t learn how to be happy for someone then reevaluate your intentions and what you’re here for. Not being able to be happy for someone and wish them well is a disease, a terrible disease of the heart that should be treated. People deserve to be happy and deserve good things and so do you, but everything will happen when it’s the right time. If you don’t get what you want now, I assure you that you will later. In this moment, try to be genuinely happy for those whose time of content has come. Their happiness is bound to rub off on you. And when your time comes, I hope that your happiness will do the same.

May Allah (swt) grant happiness to everyone and help us be genuinely happy for them and wish them well.

Sometimes you have to remember that things come and go and that it’s all Qadar. What’s Qadar? Qadar means that God has decreed everything that happens in this universe according to the prior knowledge that He has and His wisdom. So if something is good for you God will allow you to have it and if it’s not…well, he will prevent you from having it. And it’s all a matter of having faith in God. As long as you do your part, the rest is in His hands.

God loves you and wants what’s best for you, so when life takes things away remember that it’s a blessing in disguise. That if you had this thing it would probably cause you harm OR you’d cause it harm. That either way it would be best if it wasn’t for you. Even if you did everything you could to make this happen and you really wanted it to happen if He knows it’s not what’s good for you, you won’t get it and it’s probably best if you don’t. 

I try to take things that happen in life from this light, this lens, it helps me be content with what I receive in this life. It helps me be thankful. It helps me feel blessed that God is watching over me. 

Stress can really slow you down and I learned that stressing really does nothing good. So it’s time to take it slow and take it step by step. Life is always gonna be stressful and full of so much that it will pile up on your head and stress you out. But the key is to sort things out and put them in a list of priorities and work slowly but surely on them. Personally I can’t do something without putting 100% of my effort and time into it so I have to be efficient with my time and my organization/prioritization, that’s just me.

Life isn’t going to wait for you it’s just going to keep making that to do list longer and longer; and it’s up to you to prioritize them and make time for each and everyone of them one at a time. Slowly you’ll learn how to do things without freaking out but for now keep on prioritizing and taking it step by step and make life a lot less stressful on yourself. 

P.S. I still prioritize and take it slow….because I’m still struggling with stress as much as the next person. So this is a reminder to myself first and foremost. So have a cup of coffee and start prioritizing and get to work! 

International hijab day is today, I’m a little late but that’s okay. I wanted to share a photo of me in a hijab doing something out of the box. It was between this and another photo of me on a motorcycle but you get where I’m going. Basically doing something that usually many will expect a Muslim woman wearing the hijab won’t or can’t do. So by choosing this photo i thought it would help clear a little of the misconception that hijab causes a barrier between you and life. A woman who wears the hijab can do just as much as a woman who doesn’t wear it. 

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