There is absolutely nothing more amazing than the fact that we can ask God for His guidance and get an answer on everything. Salat Al-Istikhara, that’s what this prayer is for, asking God for His help in picking what to do next and/or what is best to do. Before doing anything I like to take … More Istikhara


If you truly [want to] change for the sake of Allah, not only will He make things easier for you but He will reward you with everything you’ve ever wanted. He will not let you down. So have faith in Him and His greatness and do things for His sake; and His sake only.


  I was so happy to see this video; especially coming from well known figures that we all enjoy listening to. Suicide is a fact, yes even in the Muslim community. Everyone has a breaking point; I’m sure many have experienced suicidal thoughts, many have attempted, and many have unfortunately succeeded [Allah yer7amhom]. It’s such … More Suicide


Support is like a pain killer. It’s that bright light that helps me through this dark tunnel of uncertainty and hardship. Support to me means I can do it, I have potential, and someone out there believes in me. Without support I feel alone, abandoned, and sometimes not good enough. Sometimes I need support more … More Support

Give To Receive

God gave and continues to give us a lot. We need to remember that everything we have in this life is from Him and that He gave us everything for a reason. He might have given us all these things in our life to help others as well as to live. We need to remember … More Give To Receive