Only YOU Can Fill The Emptiness You Feel

A lot of times I get people asking me, if getting married and finding love filled that emptiness inside that sometimes one tends to feel. And my answer to that may not be the answer you were looking for, but it is the truth.

No, love did not fill in the emptiness for me. While finding love is great and all, and it may have fulfilled other parts that i was probably missing, but definitely it wasn’t what filled up that strong emptiness in me. Finding the one and finding love shouldn’t be the one thing you rely on to fill that emptiness. Honestly even if you find love i’m a hundred percent sure that the emptiness will still be there, because a person cannot; and will not be able to fill the emptiness you feel inside. The only person who can fill it up is you, by doing good, being kind, finding yourself, doing what makes you happy, strengthening your faith…etc.

Before I got married I had that strong emptiness inside but it wasn’t finding someone that filled it. I filled it way before I got married, way before i ever found love; how? By finding myself. By strengthening my faith, by being there for my parents and being kind to them, by learning how to forgive and give people a second chance, by exploring what makes me happy and doing it, and by doing so much more than looking for/or waiting for love. Love didn’t come till I was able to complete and find myself; and fill that emptiness I felt.

So please don’t ever rely on someone or on love to fill any sort of emptiness or incompleteness you feel, because again, only you yourself can complete and fill that emptiness inside.


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