Simplicity In Existing


November 2016

It’s the small accomplishments that truly matter to me. I noticed It’s the baby steps that I take that really get me to the top. Nothing like accomplishing something you’ve set your mind to; something you’ve put all your time and effort into. I found that with the small accomplishment’s I make…the more confidence I gain; the more I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel smart and capable, and if I truly wanted it, I can get it. The end result is so satisfying…that it makes me want to keep pushing forward and keep on challenging myself and setting higher goals that I know I can reach…how? Because I was able to do so with previous goals I’ve set and truly thought I couldn’t accomplish until I saw those small accomplishments with each step I was taking.  

Right now; on this day I’ve become hopeless. My heart is heavy and I’m not only at loss of words but also don’t exactly know how to feel about all this. I’ve become numb to the fact that my home has become dangerous to live in and that I feel unsafe in the comfort of my own home….this is a privilege America has lost by making Trump president. But let’s be strong and make this a motivation for us, we cannot allow Trump to win by making us flee and terrified. America is destroying it’s self and letting arrogance take the best of it, and let’s be real; the only thing arrogance leads to is destruction. And in the end everything happens for a reason, let’s keep that in mind. 

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