Simplicity In Existing


February 2017

Check out this great article about Palestinians and their food! So proud of my cousin and her mama for being apart of this and talking about our home land and providing a great recipe! 


With everything that’s going on in the world…the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that God is always with us. That He won’t allow something bad to happen without something good coming out of it, that He knows best and we just need to trust and have faith in Him; Tawakul. ❤

Today is #WorldHijabDay !! Proud to be a Hijabi, AlhamdurAllah. It’s not easy but it has definitely become a part of who I am; I owe a lot to this piece of cloth tbh. I wore it back in 9th grade and it has helped me through some pretty intense teenage years and that makes me appreciate it more than I already do! Please take the time to learn about Hijab; why, where, and how it’s worn and partake in this beautiful day to show your love and support to those who wear it 💝💖

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