A couple months ago, I had a trip to Puerto Rico and oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever seen nature that beautiful. Being there felt so surreal and mind boggling…you can’t just see nature like that and not feel anything. God is great, God is beautiful, and God only creates beauty. I felt like I was in this heaven that all I could think of doing when seeing such beauty was to thank God for it, was to pray between the sand and the ocean, and was to sit down and think of all the creations that surrounded me. I was blown away by the greenery; from the different palm trees to the beautiful blankets of grass. I was astonished by the different shades of blue I saw in the ocean. I was introduced to many different new plants and fruits that I didn’t even know existed. This trip more than anything was a trip to strengthen my faith, I mean how can you see all this beauty and not thank God for it?