Simplicity In Existing


April 2017

Life is a game of cards, you never truly know what comes next. You may think it’s luck, and sometimes it is; but for the most part it’s skills. And with skills comes cockiness and a little too much confidence. You can be confidant but remember to stay humble, because you never know what the next hand is going to look like for you. This is why you need to remember that yes; sure, you’re that person that is kind, that is a good influence, that is always doing/trying to do what’s right, and so on…but one day out of the blue you could become that other person you once looked down on and saw yourself way better than them. When you’re kind and doing what’s right you should be doing this for yourself and your lord, not so you can look at others that do something wrong -or perceived as wrong- and you think “hey I’m a better person than said person because I don’t -do whatever wrong they do-”. Because guess what, one day you could easily be them; you have no idea. Imagine years later you’re doing exactly what the person you once looked down upon did. How do you think that will make you feel? What do you think that says about the kind of person you are?

Like the hadeeth says:

كان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يكثر أن يقول:

يا مثبت القلوب ، ثبت قلبي على دينك ، قالوا : يا رسول الله ، آمنا بك وبما جئت به ، فهل تخاف علينا ؟ قال : نعم ، إن القلوب بين إصبعين من أصابع الله يقلبها .

The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) used to often say these words, “O You Who changes the hearts, make my heart firm on Your religion.” We said, `O Allah’s Messenger! We believed in you and in what you brought us. Are you afraid for us’ He said, Yes, for the hearts are between two of Allah’s Fingers, He changes them (as He wills)”

[Sunan Ibn Majah, Book of Du’a Hadeeth 3834]

This is how easy one person can go from one extreme to the next. You’re no saint neither is anyone in this world, so remember to be humble.


It’s the small accomplishments that truly matter to me. I noticed It’s the baby steps that I take that really get me to the top. Nothing like accomplishing something you’ve set your mind to; something you’ve put all your time and effort into. I found that with the small accomplishment’s I make…the more confidence I gain; the more I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel smart and capable, and if I truly wanted it, I can get it. The end result is so satisfying…that it makes me want to keep pushing forward and keep on challenging myself and setting higher goals that I know I can reach. Because I was able to do so with previous goals I’ve set and truly thought I couldn’t accomplish until I saw those small accomplishments with each step I was taking. 

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