Holding on…

You know, in some instances holding on can be so much more harmful than letting go. Holding on isn’t always the healthiest option. I know you may love them, care about them, and probably think you can’t live without them…but you can. You just don’t want to. You’re scared. Scared of having to continue life without them; even though staying with them means damage. It means pain. It means suffering. Not everything or everyone we want around is healthy; a lot can be extremely toxic. But being the humans we are, we don’t always care about our own health, especially when it’s someone we truly care about and love. A toxic relationship isn’t a relationship; be it a friendship, a lover, or anything really. A real relationship is a two-way street, meaning both parties must care and love and respect one another; and when one side doesn’t and abuses the fact that the other side does that’s where the toxins of this relationship begins; and eventually never ends. And when you’re not letting go and allowing yourself to leave; that’s where you’ll end up getting burned by all the poison.


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