As a woman, I feel as though we lack encouragement for one another in the female circle. We tend to put each other down rather than pull each other up; to the top. You don’t need to put another woman down to get yourself up. On the contrary helping another woman reach the top helps us all; one woman’s success is a success for us all. Also let’s not forget, representation matters, it is important for the younger generation to see all types of women succeed and become someone!! Someone they can look up to; we need all types of women up there to help guide them in this cruel unfair world. So why can’t we be kind to one another? Why can’t we support one another? Why can’t we find it in our hearts to wish each other well?We have so many beautiful, intellectual, and talented women out there who are succeeding in many different categories! Let us not sit here and judge one another. Let us not allow that green monster to let loose. Because lets be real, jealousy and hatred will get us absolutely nowhere, only kindness and support will help us move forward as a gender; and isn’t that what we want?

Learn to be kind, to love for others what you love for yourself, to be happy for others and what they possess and succeed in. For that is the true success.


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