It’s important to find something that helps you unwind after a long, full, and stressful week. I found that yoga does the trick for me. I take a restorative yoga class at the end of the week that helps me unwind and release the tension with in both mind and body. My instructor reads to … More Unwinding

God plans best,

God is great, he knows what’s best for us. And keeping a strong connection with Him is so important. He will save you from a lot of things, you might not understand it then and there and it might hurt a lot but…. it’s for sure best for you. So trust in Him and let … More God plans best,

Chapter #30/ Just

“That Day, the people will depart separated [into categories] to be shown [the result of] their deeds{6}So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it,{7}And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.{8}” [Sahih International][99:6-8] We have a fair and just God. That even an atoms weight of good [or bad] … More Chapter #30/ Just