True statement. Change is difficult and exhausting but it’s what makes this world go round. Change is progress. Change is power. Change is beautiful. Imagine life stuck in one era because nothing has changed, nothing progressed. We cant move forward without change. So take change with open arms and embraced it!!  Advertisements


We all wish things could be different. Things could be better. But do we take the steps towards it? Change takes effort. Change takes time. Why not be that effort and take that time? Be the one who makes a difference. If you have a vision, an idea, or a goal; start taking the steps … More Change 

Give To Receive

God gave and continues to give us a lot. We need to remember that everything we have in this life is from Him and that He gave us everything for a reason. He might have given us all these things in our life to help others as well as to live. We need to remember … More Give To Receive

There Is No Hiding It

“The beautiful is beautiful (even right after) rising from sleep, and the ugly is ugly (even) if they wash their face every day.” . There is no truer statement. Beauty will always be seen as will ugliness. Neither can be hidden.